Hawkwalk  – Falconry Oxfordshire – an experience you’ll never forget 

Hawkwalk is a small, family-owned and run business giving unique experiences for falconry oxfordshire. We have over 15 years experience of working with birds of prey and now keep several types of owl as well as the Harris Hawks. Falconry is quintessentially English and the Oxfordshire countryside provides a rural and idyllic setting for a bird of prey experience. Look at our gallery page to see a few videos taken by our guests to show what an amazing and close-up experience Hawkwalk is.

Have you always wanted to have a magnificent bird of prey fly for you? To experience how this feels, why not book?

  • An hour’s walk
  • A half day
  • A whole day or
  • an evening hunting with a harris hawk

If you would like more information, to see if we can cater for a special occasion or a corporate day or would like to book an experience please contact me:

A fascinating and informative day…  

Excellent mix of professionalism and fun…  

This is a day that stays in the memory: not just because the birds themselves are so beautiful, nor because it’s uniquely hands-on. It’s also because there is a link to the past: hawks and their hunting history are alive and well, and David gives his guests the chance to step back in time, see the world from a new perspective and get just a taste of the fascinating world of falconry

Whole Day Experience

Clients will take charge of a trained hunting hawk and we will take a gentile walk around the local area hunting with hawk and either dog or ferret. Learn More»

Half Day Experience

The half day experience would be concentrated in an informal classroom atmosphere with a mixture of talks and hands-on a Harris hawk. Learn More»

Evening Hunt

Known as ‘lamping’, an evening hunt using harris hawks can be rather exciting. This short excursion lasts approximately 3 hours Learn More»
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