Falconry course

Falconry Course for Beginners or the Experienced

This is a five day course taken to Lantra qualification standard if you want to go further with your paperwork, to gain the qualification through me. These courses are broken down into three units and will give you the confidence, basic knowledge of bird management and care and a more in depth look into falconry. Please bare in mind, no one can teach you falconry in five days, this is a life time gain through experience and even we are still learning.

Birds of Prey management and husbandry

  • Housing
  • Hygiene
  • Feeding and food prep
  • Health 
  • Species of birds of prey and the Laws and Legislation

Basic Falconry

  • Buying your 1st bird
  • Essential equipment
  • Picking up and carrying the bird
  • Feeding and manning
  • Weight management
  • Jumping and flying to the fist

Fitness and conditioning to fly a bird free

  • Flying free Getting fit (the bird)
  • Preparation of a raptor ready for flying or hunting
  • Entering on artificial quarry 
  • Radio Tracking
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The price of this course is £500 per person, also includes an afternoon out hunting quarry at the end of the week. There is no pressure on you, so if you are stuck on something we will go back over and sort the problem out that you are having. Our staff are well practised and knowledgeable on falconry, holding Lantra qualifications ourselves.

We will be working with owls, hawks falcons/buzzards and kites. All the birds we use are indigenous except for our Harris Hawks, so why not learn with traditional Birds of Prey?

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