Falconry Displays



Our flying displays involve using mainly English birds as we think they have tended to be forgotten about.

Come and see our graceful Barn Owl floating around the arena

Kevin our male Kestrel flying around making up to 60-100 feet and then hovering, dropping to sometimes a foot above the falconers head. Bob the peregrine chasing a lure and stooping at great speeds, Unusual to see, we use Leo, our Long-Eared Owl, sometimes, even rarer, we use Spindle our Sparrow hawk chasing a lure, marvel at his speed and agility. Various other English birds we use include a Red Kite, Buzzard, a Merlin and sometimes we fly a pair of Barn Owls together. We can do either 2 x 20 mins, or a single 45 minute display.


If you book a static display then we will arrive at an agreed time to set up our marquee, plus four wheel drive and transport trailer. The birds we use can vary from an English bird display (including owls) to a mixed nationality of birds. We would normally bring 6-8 birds depending on whether we are doing solely static or a combined static flying displays. At all our displays, an experienced falconer is on hand at all times to answer any questions and queries about our birds, falconry and birds of prey in general, to the best of our ability. Our static displays last for as long as you want us for.

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