Photography Workshops

We are now able to offer in association our friend and expert photographer Greg Knight ( Bird of Prey Photography Workshops; the chance to practise your photography skills with our magnificent birds.

The morning will be spent up close and personal with the birds. Under the guidance of Greg form Ruralshots and Dave from Hawkwalk we will have the opportunity to photograph the birds at close quarters, either on the glove or various surrounding trees and perches. There will be a large selection of birds to photograph including Fred and Ginger the Barn Owls, Kevin the Kestrel, Long Eared Owl, European Eagle Owl, Goshawks, Peregrine, Sparrowhawk, Buzzard, Little Owl and Harris Hawks.

Following on from the morning’s static photos we stop for lunch (you’ll need to bring some with you) and then the fun really starts!!

The afternoon session will involve taking photos of the birds in flight. We will run through the camera settings and techniques involved to capture the action. Dave will fly a selection of birds for us during the afternoon starting with the slower ones to ease you in gently and, if the conditions are suitable, will fly Wiggins the Peregrine at the end. During the afternoon we will hopefully have the opportunity to see Kevin the Kestrel perform his party piece of hovering a few feet above the camera!!

The day will end with a Q & A session.

The cost for the day is £75 per person and will take place in Oxfordshire. Discounts are available for groups of eight or more. Please enquire.

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