Night flight with owls

Why not spend two hours handling and flying at night?

Experience the ghostly silent flight and feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as the barn owl silently floats in or an eagle owl gliding around with his 6 ft wing span by moonlight.

Join us in a small group to experience this awesome natural spectacular that happens every night of the year in the wild we shall try and do it in the light of the full moon, weather permitting, to gain that full effect.

Night flights run from October to April and are dependent upon the weather.

  • owl night  flights start at 7 30 tea coffee / hot / chocolate
  • 8:00 handling and learn about the owls that we use 
  • 9:00 out into the dark no lights or torches to fly two or three owls 
  • 9:45 finishing and goodbyes 

all times are approximate

min group of 2, max group 4      

£40 per  person

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